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Over the past few months I have purchased some beautiful Crystal Medicine Bags (CMBs). My family were a little skeptical at first but now they are fully fledged crystal lovers!! I have 16 year old twin daughters who are singer/songwriters and absolutely love using the 'Create' CMB, especially when coming up with new ideas for songs. My other daughter is 13 years old and is training to compete at National level for swimming so she uses the 'Manifesting' CMB to help her manifest her dreams. My favourites are the: Headache/Migraine CMB, Abundance CMB, Psychic Protection CMB along with the Confidence Bag. My husband takes his 'Business Prosperity' CMB with him to work every day and always keeps the 'Grounding/Protection/Health CMB in his pillow.

I just feel so blessed having found CMBs. The pure energy that comes out of every single bag is extraordinary. I love the fact that you can choose your own colour bags too and if you have any questions they are always very happy to answer.

The product and service is second to none, nothing is too hard for them, they will always go out of their way to ensure you are happy.

I just feel so very blessed that we found these wonderful bags, they have really changed our lives for the better. Many thanks to you them, they're Angels!!!
Katherine M, Australia

I absolutely love the Crystal Medicine Bags. As a remote healer, I know the power of crystals and their many healing benefits.  I am always looking for ways to enhance my healing and my gifts and these tiny little medicine bags are perfect!  I sleep with mine under my pillow and can feel the beautiful energy and vibrations as they bring me beautiful dreams, connect me to the spiritual realm and vibrate healing energy.  I feel more attuned than ever.  Thank you so much! 
Becky J, Utah. 

As a psychic medium, I work with a lot of different energies on a daily basis. It's easy to absorb negative energy during my work. I love the CMB they sent me. I can carry it in my pocket while giving a gallery and feel protected. Thanks for putting so much thought and love into your bags and sharing them with the world! And thanks for suggesting the pet one for my dogs!
Diane Gianlorenzo, Florida.

Under the great energy of the full moon last night, I blessed my Abundance Crystal Medicine Bag and this morning I already started to receive abundance from the Universe.  Namaste.
Radha, Florida.

The Headache/Migraine Crystal Medicine Bag is working wonders on my daughter's headache tonight - Coe can't quite believe her headache has disappeared, she's so happy that she can give the painkillers a miss - thanks ???

Thank you again for the pouches. My son is in college in Vermont and couldn't be happier with his. My daughter,  Ashley, loved the size and carries it with her..once again thank you love them!

I just received my archangel Michael medicine bag and it is beautiful! it is cleansing in my spiritual room as I write this. the energy that i got from it was nice, gentle, calming and protective. This seller/artist is an ANGEL! *****SERVICE! Love&Light to you!!!!!! : )

These are beautiful handmade bags that carry wonderful energy...they can be custom made to your needs as well. My pockets are bulging as I carry so many! Thank you for making this wonderful product ???
Amanda M, California.

Thank you very much for the medicine bags. The size is so perfect for tucking in a pocket. I will use mine daily and I got on for my daughter. She will love it. I look forward to more purchases. I smudge my stones and put them to use today! thanks again.

What a beautiful bag and it has amazing energy!
Jennifer L.

These bags are wonderful!! not only in their craftsmanship, but the day i got these the energies just flowed. they are just great, and the shipping was wonderful as well.... thank you
Peter B, Colorado.

Oh my God, your medicine bags are adorable! Thank you, please make more! This is so nice! Thank you so much!
Karen K.

Beautiful workmanship and energy. Thank You so much.
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